About Rush Soccer

Our Mission & Vision

We aim to grow and support the sport of soccer in the Hutchinson area through a
free-play sport model. A free-play sport model emphasizes the enjoyment of play first and foremost. Kids up to age 12 play in a variety of settings with age-adapted rules and mixed genders when possible, and often as part of the local community ed programs. Starting around age 13, deliberate practice gains more of the practice time but unstructured free-play is still a part of every session for our club.

Philosophy & Style of Play

“The game is the teacher, the field is the classroom, the coach is the facilitator, and the player is the owner.” – Tom Mura

We are working to build a culture of play that utilizes individual skill and creativity to accomplish team tasks as simply and as quickly as possible. We encourage kids to have fun and take risks. We encourage our coaches to coach at practice and learn from the players in games. Just as teachers are silent during exams, our coaches will try to remain silent during games to give our players a chance to own their decision making. 


Why DID WE Join Rush?

 We chose to join the Rush Family because they offered a way for a small club like us to provide some big opportunities to our kids, while still offering independence for us to operate at the local level. One of the things we are most excited to share with our players is the Rush Player Loan Program, which allows players from Rush Soccer Branch Chapters to experience playing with other teams all over the country. This will be a great opportunity for our top players to expand their soccer experiences by training with a higher level club team, like Twin Cities Rush, or participating in a college showcase in another part of the country.

How to Help

Help is always needed and appreciated to run this organization. Below are several things we currently are vocalizing a need for.  If you have a unique skill set, opportunity or idea for us, please use the ‘Contact Us” button to get in touch!

  • Referee Shortage! Click here to go to the MN referee website and learn what it would take to become a referee.
  • Join our Board! – We have the following Board Director positions open and needing filled:
        • Vice President
        • Treasurer
        • Field Coordinator
        • Registrar
        • Promotions/Social Media
  • Parent Managers – These parents help take care of the logistics of practices, games, schedule changes, car pools, etc. to free up our coaches to focus on coaching! Parent managers do receive a partial refund at the completion of the season.
  • We are also looking for space of our own – storage, office and field. If you have any leads or connections, please let us know.



Phone: 319-491-1610
Email: [email protected]